Treasure. Because Adulting is Hard

Who we are

The Logo

Ever want to know why we built a logo that features two swans – one purple and one blue?  Blue is Justin’s Favorite Color and Purple is Julie’s. Swans like only a few other animals on the planet – mate for life. Once they pick a mate, that’s their one and only spouse. The taller swan in the logo represents Justin’s 6’9″ height and the circle represents the ring of marriage. #BetterTogether

Vinyls for everyone

The Vinyls

Vinyls are collectible figures that represent thousands of pop culture characters, important moments in time, and memories. They can be Presidents, Movie Characters, Musicians, fight scenes, and much much more.

They come in all shapes and sizes, but one feature is always consistent. The Huge Head. Some bobble, and some don’t. Regardless of how you do vinyls – you’re in good company here.

Our Journey

The Clothing

We make sure all our clothing is ready for prime time. Each item is photographed thoroughly and reviewed. You will get what you expect from a Better Together Treasures purchase. We don’t use stock photos…ever.  Each item is stored in a sealed package ready for shipping.
We buy a lot of clothing so we know what to look for and what to ensure is there so you can buy with confidence.
All clothing is steam cleaned prior to being packaged up. All items ship with care and we never cut corners on delivery.


Spreading joy across the land one treasure hunt at a time.